My favorite Aesthetic Canva element sets for Canva free

canva aesthetic elements

Hey! ☀️✨ Searching for the perfect aesthetic Canva elements to use on designs can take forever. And most times it’s ok to dedicate some good time to it, since these are essential pieces of thefinal art! However, I like to have a few collections saved as go-to options, and I’m sure I’m not the only…

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Beautiful aesthetic Spring color palettes


So here we are! Spring is upon us, and this amazing feeling brought by the warm sun and the pretty flowers everywhere will never ever get old 🌸🔅🌼 Nature does more than make us feel good though. It’s inspiring. One of the main sources of inspiration for any type of art, I would say confidently.…

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Lovecore CANVA font pairing inspo to get into Valentine’s Day mood ♥


LOVECORE has been my favourite aesthetic in the last few weeks. Granted, it was February, I know, I know… But still. I’ve been learning more and doing lots of research on this aesthetic, and it’s just fascinating 💌 If that’ your case too, this post might be useful. Especially if you’re currently creating something beautiful…

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Beautiful Fall aesthetic CANVA font pairings


Hi!! You know, during Fall time, I don’t really talk about anything else in this world but the fact that I LOVE the Fall! hahaha! The vibe, the aesthetic, the weather, the feeling inside my heart. All of it. Just pure love. 🧡🍂 So in that spirit of adoration of these 3 beautiful months where…

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How to create a mood board using the 5 components hack


Let’s talk about mood boards! 🤹🏽 They’re so fun to create, and they can be extremely useful as a visual presentation of ideas and feelings. If you feel a bit lost or if you’re never sure how to start, I think these 5 components can be of great help to guide you through the development…

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How to create your own aesthetic movie posters


Hey gals! 💕 You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest or Instagram. The super simple yet amazing aesthetic movie posters with a single frame of the movie on top and a minimalist description of the credits below it are the definition of cult aesthetic graphic design. I’ve always thought they’re super charming, and thought it’d be…

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Cute aesthetic text art and symbols to copy and paste


Hey! Welcome back to the blog! ✨ I know there’s this huge interest in aesthetic symbols and you guys can’t get enough or them, so I’ve been creating some posts for the blog with my favourite ones. Last time, it was a general selection with my favourite individual unicode symbols, and it quickly became one…

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Aesthetic edit tutorial: How to make the sexy shadow edit


You’ve seen these pics before, haven’t you? On Pinterest, they’re always at the top of searches like “pink aesthetic” and “baddie aesthetic”, which means they’re SUPER trendy and cute, and we love them 😍 From Pinterest So I decided to make a TikTok showing how easy it is to create edits that emulate that type…

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Cottagecore font pairings (from Canva) to try

cottagecore aesthetic canva font combinations

I know exactly what you’re thinking. There are SO MANY amazing fonts to chose from on Canva, how on Earth am I suppose to pick one? Well my friend, I know the struggle. And I’m here to help. If your goal is to find a Cottagecore aesthetic font, I’ve gone through Canva’s font library and…

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Fairycore aesthetic color palette ideas

Every time I start searching for fairycore aesthetic images on Pinterest my mind gets completely lost in the fantastic world of those wonderful little things 🧚🏾✨🤍 The images are so so pretty! So today I’m bringing you some inspo in the fairycore universe. More specifically, color inspiration! Hopefully one of these palettes will be the…

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Monochromatic color palette ideas to inspire your next project!

Hi guys! Today’s post goes specially to those of you currently looking for color inspiration for creative projects! 🎨✨ In this case, I created 8 color scheme ideas using one main color, but in different shades. I’ve been thinking about monochromatic color palettes for a while now, so I felt like today was the time…

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Beautiful pink winter color palettes for your creative projects


Hey all! How are you doing? 🌨💕🤍 Wether you love the winter or not, we all have to admit the season can have pretty beautiful aesthetics. And even if we enjoy being cozy and safe at home, the nature gets especially stunning when the wintertime is going on. If you’re a big fan of the…

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Aesthetic Canva font pairings for logos you haven’t tried yet

Hi guys and gals! How are you all doing?? ❤️‍🔥 I’ve been working on a few new design projects lately that involved Canva graphics and needed beautiful fonts to make the content stand out. I ended up making a list of fonts I really liked, and thought I’d shared them here with you, in case…

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3 graphic design mistakes to stop making NOW! ⚠

Hey guys! I have many readers who either are graphic designers or do it sporadically for fun or work. So for a while I’ve been planning to post here on the blog and on my Insta a few mistakes I’ve been seen way to often and that could easily be avoided. Now, you always have…

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3 ways to give new life to old travel photos ⛵✨


Everyday is throwback day during quarantine, I’m I right? I’ve been seeing more travel pics on my feed lately than back when people were actually allowed to take trips haha! So let’s think of creative ways to post old travel photos and make them special, shall we? Here are 3 ideas I came up with.…

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