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How to create your own aesthetic movie posters


Hey gals! 💕

You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest or Instagram. The super simple yet amazing aesthetic movie posters with a single frame of the movie on top and a minimalist description of the credits below it are the definition of cult aesthetic graphic design.

I’ve always thought they’re super charming, and thought it’d be a fantastic idea to add a template to create our own posters to the shop.

So we did it! You can purchase the template below and start creating your super amazing aesthetic movie posters right now. Spoiler alert though: it’s SO easy to edit and customize!

Not only is this super fun to play with and practice your graphic design skills, it’s also an excellent content idea for social media. You can create carousels of the movies you’ve watched on the last month, for example. Your favorite romantic comedies of all time, the most underrated movies in your opinion, or classics you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, asking your followers to vote on which one you should see next. Super engaging idea, right?

Of course, the template can be used to create posters for shows, music albums or even your own life, which I thing is an amazing idea, btw ☺

Check out on the video below how I created the three posters on the top of this post:

I like to keep things as similar as possible to the simplicity of the original, because that’s what’s so lovable about this design imo. But if you want, you can change the color of the background, the fonts and the overall layout of the poster too!

I’m sure all you aesthetic enthusiasts will loooove this template, so let me know what you end up creating with it.




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