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Lovecore CANVA font pairing inspo to get into Valentine’s Day mood ♥


LOVECORE has been my favourite aesthetic in the last few weeks. Granted, it was February, I know, I know… But still. I’ve been learning more and doing lots of research on this aesthetic, and it’s just fascinating 💌

If that’ your case too, this post might be useful. Especially if you’re currently creating something beautiful with a Lovecore vibe! Since for the development of any creative project, one of the first things to do is to establish the typography, here’s some help. And check out these lovecore color palettes too!

These are just a few CANVA fonts that I think totally work with the whole Lovecore theme ❣

Lovecore CANVA font pairing

Cute, right? Argh, i can’t get over this aesthetic!! 😩♥💘

And hey, f you want more font inspiration, make sure you check out this post with cottagecore fonts, this one with cute fonts, this one with fall fonts and this one with different aesthetic fonts for your creative projects! ♥



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