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Cottagecore font pairings (from Canva) to try

cottagecore aesthetic canva font combinations

I know exactly what you’re thinking. There are SO MANY amazing fonts to chose from on Canva, how on Earth am I suppose to pick one?

Well my friend, I know the struggle. And I’m here to help.

If your goal is to find a Cottagecore aesthetic font, I’ve gone through Canva’s font library and selected a few that are just so damn adorable!

By the way, if you want to read a little about it, I have a post here on the blog that’s all about Cottagecore aesthetic. Check it out!

Now, to the font combos!

Cottagecore font pairings

Aren’t these SO lovely?

Check out these font pairing as well. And these cute ones too! And since we’re on the typography topic, take a look at this post with font secrets everybody should know about 🙂



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