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Aesthetic Canva font pairings for logos you haven’t tried yet

Hi guys and gals! How are you all doing?? ❤️‍🔥

I’ve been working on a few new design projects lately that involved Canva graphics and needed beautiful fonts to make the content stand out.

I ended up making a list of fonts I really liked, and thought I’d shared them here with you, in case you’re also looking for inspiration and ideas!

These are really cute, and I think could be used for logos and brand identity materials.

Hope you like the suggestions! 🥰

Aesthetic Canva font pairings to try:

They’re all available in the free version of Canva, so no matter what type of account you have, you’ll find them.

I loooove Migra + Literata. What’s your favourite pairing? 💗🔆

Oh, check out this selection of cute fonts here, and this one with cottagecore fonts that are sooooo beautiful!



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