Aesthetic trend: Blurry photos

Hii! How are you guys doing? 🧡 I’ve recently made a post here on the blog about aesthetic photos with shadows, where I spoke a little about the importance of opening up our eyes to the beauty of imperfect images. On this post today, I’ll show you examples of wonderful photos where the main object…

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Soft aesthetic: what it is and how to get the look


Hey all! 🙂 Time for a new entry to our aesthetic encyclopedia. If you haven’t yet, check out the posts about cottagecore and baddie aesthetic. They’re pretty cool! Today our subject is the super popular softgirl or soft aesthetic. This visual concept and lifestyle celebrates sweet, cute, delicate things and pastel colors. Basically everything that…

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Beautiful pink winter color palettes for your creative projects


Hey all! How are you doing? 🌨💕🤍 Wether you love the winter or not, we all have to admit the season can have pretty beautiful aesthetics. And even if we enjoy being cozy and safe at home, the nature gets especially stunning when the wintertime is going on. If you’re a big fan of the…

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🌟 Bookmark this! The cutest aesthetic symbols to copy paste


Hey guys! ₊˚✧ I love using character symbols (also known as pictographs) and I think they can often look cuter than emojis ♡♡♡ If you’re into aesthetics, I’m sure you’re a big fan of them like me, and are always searching for the best ones for your insta bio, for your social media posts, captions,…

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Boho aesthetic: What it is and how to get the look

boho style

Boho style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. And before many people could really understand what it was about, the meaning got lost and vague in a confusing way. It’s common to see grunge looks, or very basic 90’s style outfits being called boho. Why, you ask? Well, I have no idea…

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Cottagecore aesthetic: What it is and how to get the look


🌼 Picture this: You’re in a quiet, peaceful, sunbathed garden full of leafy trees, and you see wildflowers everywhere. You’re picking a few to decorate the living room, so you calmly collect and place them in the wicker basket by your feet. Humming a Sufjan Stevens song while the birds sing in the background, you…

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Baddie aesthetic – What it is and how to get the look


Hey gurls. If you’re looking for information and inspiration on the Baddie Aesthetic, this post will give you everything you need to know. First and foremost, the name baddie comes from bad bitch, and the fierce name itself, to me, translates the spirit of this aesthetic. The heartbreaker confident girl who is NOT afraid to…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 5 of 5: Uniqueness

And here we finally are, chicas. We’ve reached the last post of our Instagram feed special! 🦄💜 We’ve been through the importance of brightness, alignment, disposition, filters and now we’ll talk about uniqueness.That finishing touch that will make your feed authentic, special and different from everyone else’s 💖💫🤩 Of course, this step is optional. You…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 3 of 5: Disposition


I’ll start the post apologizing for the delay! 😣 I was supposed to have published this post sooner, but the last days were super busy around here with a lot of stuff going on! Anyway, shall we resume our special? 💖💫 If you haven’t read the previous posts yet, we’ve already talked about the importance…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 2 of 5: Alignment


Hey guys! Continuing our special in 5 steps of how to have an Instagram feed that is neat, beautiful and authentic (I keep changing these three words to keep you interested haha), today we’ll focus on the ALIGNMENT. Yesterday I wrote a lot about the importance of brightening the photos well, so if you haven’t…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 1 of 5: Brightness


Hey chicas! 🌻🧡 As I mentioned in the introductory post, a series of posts on Instagram feed organization starts today here on the blog, with tips on how to have the pretty, authentic, organized instagram feed of your dreams. I’m super excited about this series, and hope it will be helpful! So let’s jump to…

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Cute & soft Canva font pairings to try


No matter how I experiment with different types of aesthetic, I always end up coming back to soft. It’s my favourite vibe, I can’t get enough of it! And when it comes to fonts, I love the cute types with feminine curves and perhaps a touch of innocent handwriting… those are so lovely! I know…

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Free aesthetic VSCO filters / presets

Eu tenho compartilhado alguns dos filtros e presets do VSCO que eu crio toda vez que faço um post aqui no blog com algum feed de Instagram. Masss, senti que daria pra eu criar muito mais ideinhas de filtros pra vocês, independente de ser ligado a algum tema de feed ou não. Porque tem taaantas…

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