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Cute & soft Canva font pairings to try


No matter how I experiment with different types of aesthetic, I always end up coming back to soft.

It’s my favourite vibe, I can’t get enough of it!

And when it comes to fonts, I love the cute types with feminine curves and perhaps a touch of innocent handwriting… those are so lovely! I know they don’t apply in every situation, but if it works in a project, that’s what I’m gonna go with.

So I made these combos using some of my favourite cute, soft aesthetic CANVA font pairings to help you out when creating something that has that king of a vibe 🥰💕

Here they are:

Soft Canva font pairings

And if you’re currently on a quest to find cute fonts, check out this post with some cottagecore font ideas, and this one with my all time fave Canva aesthetic fonts! 💘



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