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Aesthetic edit tutorial: How to create beautiful aesthetic photos with shadows


Hey chicas! I know It can be difficult to find ways to make photos looks more interesting and unique. There’s so much content out there, available for anyone and everyone, and it looks like everything has been done already, by now. And OMG the technology available allows us to do so much!

The funny thing is, many times, the best way to do it as to make the composition less perfect. At least in the technical sense.

I’ve said it many times here on the blog, I’m a huge fan of blurry, grainy images that look imperfect but have so much soul and you can almost feel them. That’s why I love photos with overlay shadows too! 🖤🖤

I’ve seen it over and over again. Somebody is trying to take a pic and think it’s gonna suck because of shadows disrupting the composition. And I understand that sometimes it is the case, and of course, photographers know way better than me when shadows work and when they don’t. No argue about that! 😆

However, opening your mind to the possibilities of playing with shadows can expand your aesthetic horizons. Trust me! Stop trying to avoid shadows at all costs on your photos and embrace them! 🖤🖤🖤

Here’s a few examples I’ve collected from free image banks. There’s a lot of great inspo down below… 🙂

Photos with shadows

✨ EDIT TIP: No doubt the real effect is usually better and more interesting, but edit apps like PicsArt have shadow overlay filters that look pretty cool too. I’ll make a reel showing that edit soon and update this post ✨

So guys, don’t be afraid of shadows anymore, ok?!



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