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Free aesthetic VSCO filters / presets

Hey guys! ♡₊˚

Before I started the shop, I used to create some VSCO presets and share them with my readers here on the blog. I lot has changed since (I mean, I’m talking 2012 here haha!) and I’ve permanently switched to Lightroom as my go-to image editor for more professional color/lighting editing.

Since I still have these filters, I thought i’d keep them available here on the blog. They can be a source of inspiration, maybe. Keep in mind, I don’t know if these work anymore, I haven’t used VSCO in ages, so use it at your own discretion!

But I hope they maybe can be helpful/inspiring somehow ♥

Free aesthetic VSCO Filters

retro vintage film analog camera indie tumblr aesthetic vsco filter preset.png
Girlboss pink feminine VSCO filter preset photo editing
Tumblr vsco filter night flash photography



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