Aesthetic tattoo ideas for girls


Hi guys! 💕 As you know, tattoos have become an increasingly popular way to express yourself. There are many traditional tattoo designs and styles, and it’s also possible to get tattoos that are more modern and unconventional aesthetics. Some super trendy styles right now are abstract tattoos, geometric, fine line and minimalist tattoos. As the…

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Welcome September: Cute social media posts for the first day of the month

Hey everybody, happy first of September! 🧡✨☺ As always here on the blog, I’m bringing you a collection of aesthetic celebratory social media posts to start the month of with the best possible vibes. Have you checked out the others yet? Welcome September posts for social media Happy September everybody!! Enjoy the new month 💕💗…

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Celestial color palettes for all my sky / space lovers out there!


Hey! The infinity of space offers a never ending amount of beautiful shades. From our everyday blue skies with white clouds, to the vibrant, super bright and powerful hues of far far away outer space. No to mention the precios northern lights, of course… 😍😍 So here’s a little gallery with just a few celestial…

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3 unbelievable designs unveiled this week that I’m so in love with


Hi everybody! 😎 I try to keep up with the new technology and design innovations as much as possible everyday. There’s so much going on all the time in that sense though, I’m sure I’m not the only one absolutely stunned by how evolved science is and how engineers, designers, architects and other awesome professionals…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 5 of 5: Uniqueness

And here we finally are, chicas. We’ve reached the last post of our Instagram feed special! 🦄💜 We’ve been through the importance of brightness, alignment, disposition, filters and now we’ll talk about uniqueness.That finishing touch that will make your feed authentic, special and different from everyone else’s 💖💫🤩 Of course, this step is optional. You…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 3 of 5: Disposition


I’ll start the post apologizing for the delay! 😣 I was supposed to have published this post sooner, but the last days were super busy around here with a lot of stuff going on! Anyway, shall we resume our special? 💖💫 If you haven’t read the previous posts yet, we’ve already talked about the importance…

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How to have an aesthetic Instagram feed – Part 2 of 5: Alignment


Hey guys! Continuing our special in 5 steps of how to have an Instagram feed that is neat, beautiful and authentic (I keep changing these three words to keep you interested haha), today we’ll focus on the ALIGNMENT. Yesterday I wrote a lot about the importance of brightening the photos well, so if you haven’t…

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30 post and video content ideas for the next month [2]

Hey guys, as I promised last month, here I am with a list of content ideas for blogs, videos and social media. If you haven’t checked the first post it’s [here]! 🐣✨ As I’ve said many many times, it is absolutely essential to maintain good frequency and consistency of content creation, in whatever medium you…

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30 post and video content ideas to post over the next month

Post every day. If possible, posts twice a day. If possible, 3 times. I tell this to all my clients, and I know it sounds ambitious as hell. But it’s the best suggestion I can give to anyone who wants to succeed with their blogs. Consistency! However, while having a prolific blog is important, the quality…

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How to make money blogging – the easiest way

Hi everyone! ☺ The purpose of this post is to really help you monetize your blog or website. So I promise I’ll try to be as objective as possible and quickly give all the tips about the subject in an organized and practical way. Briefly, the 4 best ways to make money blogging or website…

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