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3 unbelievable designs unveiled this week that I’m so in love with


Hi everybody! 😎

I try to keep up with the new technology and design innovations as much as possible everyday. There’s so much going on all the time in that sense though, I’m sure I’m not the only one absolutely stunned by how evolved science is and how engineers, designers, architects and other awesome professionals are kicking ass with inventions that both make our lives so much easier, and that are OH MY GOD SO COOL haha!

So here are the three ones I’m currently obsessed with.

Nike’s hands-free sneakers ‘Go FlyEase’

I have dreamt about nice shoes that are truly comfortable and look good and require zero effort to put on my whole life. Nothing like crocs or opened shoes like that, but actual sneakers or anything you can go anywhere and spend all day wearing if necessary.

That’s the whole point of Nike’s new Go FlyEase. And they’re so cute and look super comfortable!

Amazon’s ‘Helix’ tower project

Amazon recently submitted it’s plan for a new $2.5 billion tower to authorities. It’s super ambitious and truly stunning. I love the organic shape and the huge amount of trees and plants all around it.

Many people compared the tower’s design to the poop emoji and let me be very honest here. That was the FIRST thing I thought when I saw the picture. Still, I think the purpose of the architecture of the tower is fenomenal and I’d go through with it just like it is now 💩✨

I imagine (and hope) all big buildings will look this green in the future!

Nissan’s ‘Office Pod’

I’ve been working from home my whole life and have enjoyed the privilege of doing a lot of traveling thanks to that freedom. However, being able to work from anywhere does not mean you can actually be comfortable and productive sitting on a, old couch or a makeshift table made out of a bucket. Especially when not having an office is your normal, it gets super annoying and frustrating when you can’t find a decent place to work.

That said, my eyes sparkled when I read about the ‘Office Pod’ by Nissan 🤩

What do you guys think about these innovations? Let me know! 💖



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