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30 post and video content ideas for the next month [2]

Hey guys, as I promised last month, here I am with a list of content ideas for blogs, videos and social media. If you haven’t checked the first post it’s [here]! 🐣✨

As I’ve said many many times, it is absolutely essential to maintain good frequency and consistency of content creation, in whatever medium you want to stand out. Youtube channel, blog, Instagram, all of them. So I’ll be helping you out with some content ideas to make that happen.

When I talk about the important of posting fresh content frequently, I’m not just saying it. After all, my role here is not just to lecture about how to make your blog / social media thrive, I’m also working my ass off to grow my own stuff! haha! And I’ve been studying and practicing this for some time, and finally getting the results I’ve dreamed of.

These are generic tips, for lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogs and channels. But I think they can be adapted to other areas as well, changing the focus of each topic a little to something more specific to your niche.



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