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Beautiful Lovecore aesthetic color palettes for Valentine’s Day creative projects!


Love really is in the air, isn’t it?

So much so that the lovecore aesthetic has expanded to a 365 of the year kinda thing instead of restricting its elements to February only. Are we getting more romantic? Or is it just an aesthetic thing, not really connected to actual feelings of love? 💌

Who knows!

Regardless, here’s a collection of lovecore aesthetic color palettes I’ve created to help bring some inspo to any projects you might be currently working on. These are great for graphic design pieces, decor projects, event planning or anything that has love as a theme! 💕

Oh, and check out these lovecore CANVA font pairings too!

Hope you like these:

Lovecore aesthetic color palettes

I’m a hue fan (and prolific creator) of color palettes, so check these ones out too: spring color palette, monochromatic color palettes, fairycore color palettes, pink winter color palettes… phew! Much more to come!



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