Aesthetic Instagram bio ideas copy/paste – part 4!


Hello angels ˗ˋ꒰❤꒱ˊ˗ I’ve been asked by so many of you to make the part 4 of the bios, I thought I’d share some ideas I had in store. I wanted to come up with more options and make a longer post, but in the end I thought it would be better to post a…

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Photography inspiration: Easy photo ideas using a chair


Hello beautiful ladies! How are you feeling? Today’s post is dedicated to those of you searching for inspiration for cute photos. Either the everyday social media pic kind of photo, or fancy photoshoots, we all need a little inspo to help the creativity run wild, correct? The focus of this post? Photos with a chair…

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Aesthetic Instagram bio ideas copy/paste – part 3 – Girly bios


Hiii girls! I’m back with more bio ideas ❤ You’ve been asking for this for so long, I’m sorry I couldn’t get to it sooner. If you haven’t yet, here are the two first series of bio ideas I’ve create (here and here). On this one, I’m focusing on girly aesthetic. I don’t know, just…

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51 aesthetic faceless photo ideas that are super easy to recreate


Hey girls! How are you doing today? Hope everything is well! I’ve been looking for some photo ideas with hidden face to get inspiration for a photoshoot I’m having this weekend. I have to say, I love faceless photos, always been obsessed with them. I feel like they have a really cool unpretentious feel, and…

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New on the shop: Minimal Aesthetic theme


The minimalist aesthetic is as atemporal as it gets. No matter the time or place, there will always be room for the classy, uncomplicated and pure vibe of the minimal 🖤 I created this theme that in mind. And since I shared it on Pinterest, I saw how fascinated people were with the beauty of…

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Aesthetic Instagram bio ideas copy/paste – part 2!


Hi all! 💕 So you’ve been trying to come up with a cute / cool / creative bio for your Instagram but can’t decide where to even begin, huh? Well, I’m here to help! If you haven’t yet, check the first post aI made on this topic, with a total of 19 bio ideas that…

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23 brand new free Instagram feed dividers [part 4]

instagram feed dividers

Hey guys!! Here I am, yet again, bringing you a loooong list of new adorable Instagram feed dividers 🙂 This is a recurrent post topic here on the blog, I know you guys like these, and I love to create and share them with you. This time, I’ve created dividers in a similar style. You…

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Hello August! Social media posts to welcome the new month 🧡

Helloooo everyone! How are you all doing? August is here, and it’s time to celebrate the arrival of this amazing month both online and offline 🔆🍒☺ There’s no question that the absolute best way to spend the month of August is outside, enjoying the summer and living the season to the fullest. BUT that does…

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Earth day images and posts for social media

Hey guys! Earth day is coming. How cool is it that people are getting more involved and excited about Earth day every year? 🌱💕 I know how small that is considering the huge amount of work the planet actually needs to be saved and protected, but it makes me happy to see people at least…

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Happy Birthday images to post on social media


Hey all! How’s it going?? This is my birthday week! Yay!! 💝 I thought it’d be nice to create a few “happy birthday” graphics for Instagram Stories, Facebook, etc. These are cute, happy, good vibes posts that you can save on your phone and send to your favorite birthday boy or girl, or post on…

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55 aesthetic manifestation quote wallpapers / Instagram Stories

Manifestation babes everywhere, this post is for you 🤎💕 I know how powerful it can be to have personal mantras that help us in life, and being able to actually read them many times a day helps reinforce their meaning and impact in our lives. So here’s a collection of awesome manifestation quotes to set…

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30 aesthetic Instagram caption ideas for party photos

caption ideas for party photos

Hi girls! 💖 I’m writing this post with a hopeful heart that parties will be a thing again soon. If everything goes well, we’ll be able to enjoy time together, dance, have fun and create amazing memories out with our friends and loved ones ASAP! 💃🏽🕺🏽 To celebrate that, I’ve created a list of caption…

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15 NEW Instagram post dividers! [part 3]

instagram feed divider

Hellooooo everybody!! Hope you guys are doing GREAT! It’s been long, but here some new Instagram post dividers I’ve created 💖💖 I know how much you guys love these, the previous posts I’ve made were super successful and every other day I’m tagged whenever somebody somewhere in the world uses one of my dividers. I…

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What’s REALLY the best time to post on Instagram? Here’s what I found out

Hey girls! There are so many questions anybody working to grown an Instagram account has to face regarding algorithms, users behavior, latest trends, hashtags strategies, content strategies… 🙄🙄 the list is endless, right? One of the most common ones, however, has to be “what’s the best time to post?”. I’ve asked that question myself (and…

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Social media content idea: Easy flat lays with everyday objects


Hey! How are you guys doing? Starting a new week is always both exciting and a biiiit scary at the same time. For content creators like me, the need to constantly produce good quality, shareable, likeable content can be overwhelming, paralyzing us from creating anything at all haha! 😂 So here’s one idea for good…

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🌟 Bookmark this! The cutest aesthetic symbols to copy paste


Hey guys! ₊˚✧ I love using character symbols (also known as pictographs) and I think they can often look cuter than emojis ♡♡♡ If you’re into aesthetics, I’m sure you’re a big fan of them like me, and are always searching for the best ones for your insta bio, for your social media posts, captions,…

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Aesthetic Instagram bio ideas copy/paste – part 1!


Check out the part 2 of this series clicking HERE and part 3 HERE 🙂 In case you’ve been following my posts here on the blog, you’ve probably read my special about organized and pretty Instagram feeds 💖💖💖 And it’s very likely that, by now, your insta looks amaaaaaze, super cool, with the cutest photos…

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10 adorable mother’s day free images to post on social media

Hey, all! 💖 Mother’s Day is that special holiday when people all over the world go crazy celebrating their awesome moms. It’s a day to show love, appreciation, and gratitude to the superhero ladies who raised us. They’ve got unconditional love, crazy amounts of strength, and they’ve always had our backs. So, on Mother’s Day,…

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