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Social media content idea: Easy flat lays with everyday objects


Hey! How are you guys doing?

Starting a new week is always both exciting and a biiiit scary at the same time. For content creators like me, the need to constantly produce good quality, shareable, likeable content can be overwhelming, paralyzing us from creating anything at all haha! 😂

So here’s one idea for good visual content that shouldn’t take much time, using what you have at hand: beautiful flat lays using everyday objects!

Some benefits of creating flat lays with everyday objects you have at home:

  • Easy to set , doesn’t require super special cameras or the prettiest objects in the world
  • Original, unique content is treasure
  • Allows you to introduce a bit of your real life to followers, even if you edit the flat lay to look prettier than real life
  • Allows you to pick objects that will match your feed and enhance whatever aesthetic you’re going for

Checkout this post about flat lays a wrote a while ago if you want more tips about this type of photography. And here I give a super quick tutorial on how to edit photos quickly using free apps.

Flat lay ideas with everyday objects

What do you think? Hope you like the inspo.
Happy week and happy creating 🧠💡💖



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