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New on the shop: Minimal Aesthetic theme


The minimalist aesthetic is as atemporal as it gets. No matter the time or place, there will always be room for the classy, uncomplicated and pure vibe of the minimal🖤

I created this theme that in mind. And since I shared it on Pinterest, I saw how fascinated people were with the beauty of the simplicity of the images and the composition

Minimal Aesthetic theme – Instagram feed inspo

For now, the Minimal theme contains only one product: the Photo Preset + 100 Images. The Lightroom photo preset is chic, neutral and super cool, just like the image collection included in the pack.

Design tip: Make your Instagram feed look super cool like the example I created by alternating every set of 3 posts: a light one where basically all photos are predominantly white or neutral tones (gray, off whites, beige), and then a dark one with a lot of black, shadow play and a moody vibe.

There’s no need to follow this to strictly, it’s good to mix it up a bit every now and then, but use it a a general rule.

You can purchase the new photo preset with the 100 images below:

Let me know in the comments what you think about the minimalist theme!

Check out the shop for more themes and other products.

Thank you for reading.. 🖤🤍



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