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Art crush: Hayden Clay ‘World Underwater’ dystopic aesthetic 3D series


Disclaimer: On the Art Crush series I share a few of my fav artists and their work. This content is developed to spread the word about great artists and no commercial agreement has taken place around them.


I ran into Hayden Clay’s work on Pinterest yesterday and, omg guys, did my heart jump! 💖

Such beautiful 3d designs with beautiful retro dystopic aesthetic and a mix of the soft blurry mood with a strong feeling of urgency and confusion we often feel while dreaming. Brilliant!


Great news for anybody looking for authentic and suuuuper pretty gifts ideas: he sells his work online! And this is the link right here: 🙂

According to his website, Hayden is a 3d artist and also a photographer. The “World Underwater” series was inspired by a trip to – famously known by its permanent flooded state – Venice, Italy. Each image took the digital artist around 60-120 hours to render. That explains the amazing level of detail seen in each piece.

Here’s a few more:

Please follow Hayden Instagram and support the work of this amazingly talented artist: 💖🤩



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