Soft aesthetic phone wallpapers – including skies, flowers and quotes

Time to update your phone’s aesthetic? Say no more. Here’s a collection of adorable soft aesthetic images including flowers, skies and quotes to use as wallpaper or lockscreen. Just pick your fave! 🩷🫧🌸 Sky aesthetic phone wallpapers / backgrounds Soft aesthetic quote phone wallpapers / backgrounds Flower aesthetic phone wallpapers / backgrounds Beijos, Lu

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Soft aesthetic: what it is and how to get the look


Hey all! 🙂 Time for a new entry to our aesthetic encyclopedia. If you haven’t yet, check out the posts about cottagecore and baddie aesthetic. They’re pretty cool! Today our subject is the super popular softgirl or soft aesthetic. This visual concept and lifestyle celebrates sweet, cute, delicate things and pastel colors. Basically everything that…

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Cute & soft Canva font pairings to try


No matter how I experiment with different types of aesthetic, I always end up coming back to soft. It’s my favourite vibe, I can’t get enough of it! And when it comes to fonts, I love the cute types with feminine curves and perhaps a touch of innocent handwriting… those are so lovely! I know…

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