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Fall aesthetic theme – New on the shop!

fall aesthetic

Hey everybody, how’s it going? 🧡🍂

This post might me a little late, but I couldn’t just let it pass without mentioning the new beautiful amazing Fall aesthetic products up on the shop!

I am a HUGE Fall enthusiast, I cannot describe how happy my heart feels when the Autumn arrives and I do everything I can to live the season intensely in every way that I can. Who else is super passionate about the Fall like this? I know I’m not he only one!

So you can imagine the pleasure it’s been for me to develop Fall themes aesthetic designs for the shop. I started working on them in the middle of the summer, and I have to say I LOVE how they look.

So here they are, I hope You like them!

I absolutely adore the Fall preset, I can’t get over it! Check out this Insta feed I created using it:

Dreamy, right?? 🧡🧡🧡

Hope you like the new products. Have a wonderful FALL!



Lu Amaral

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