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Freebie: October weekly planner to finally help you get your life organized


Here I am, once again, going on and on about the weekly planners that I love so much, and that have changed my life 💖🥂

I’ve been using this organization system for a year, after I needed to organize my vacation trip and found out weekly planning works so much better for me than daily or monthly.

Pleaseeee don’t think I’m trying to imply I came up with this organization model. Lots of people do it like this. I’m just saying this is how I found out I actually can follow to do lists, I can use a planner, and it helps me so. so. much!

Every single week of my life for the past 1 year and 1 month have been organized in the weekly planner sheets I use. 😍 No pressure, no stress, no getting lazy and giving up, no more forgetting or letting things go in a bad way haha). This is just an awesome ally in my life and I LOVE IT

So here are the planner templates. Just download on your computer and print, or send to a printer place. Hope you like the designs!

October weekly planner

In December I’ll be posting 5 complete planners, with every month of the year, in different designs. It’ll be my gift to my readers that have been following me and giving me support through the first official year of this blog 🙂 💕💗💕💗




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