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Aesthetic edit tutorial: How to put photos in polaroid frames (+ 8 free PNG mockups!)


Hi guys, good morning! How are you all doing today? 💞

A good way to change your blog designs and your Instagram pictures a bit a give them a unique look, is to simulate the polaroid effect.

I don’t mean just adding the white border, but the real thing. When it looks like you took a photo of a polaroid picture just laying there haha! This is an excellent strategy for when we’ve already posted too many photos of an event, or a trip, and you don’t feel great about posting YET another one… Influencers and celebrities do this all the time ☺✨

At the end of this post I’ll upload 8 png polaroid files with clear background that i’ve made especially for the blog! I’ll also teach you how to insert your photo in the frame for a super realistic result. Spoiler: It’s very easy 🧚🏽‍♀️💖

🦋 Update: This post ended up being so successful here on the blog, that I wanted to complement it with two pieces of information!

  1. Meitu, my favorite app in the world, has a border option, which is a perfect Polaroid frame. Super recommend for those who want something easy and fast!
  2. I made an Instagram feed (my current obsession) using polaroid frames, so I’ll take this opportunity to post it here to inspire you guys… =)
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Here’s how you can use the png polaroid frames below with Photoshop:

If you don’t like learning with videos, below is the step by step:

  1. Open the polaroid image with Photoshop
  2. Import the photo you want to insert inside the frame
  3. Position the photo layer below the frame layer
  4. Adjust the photo to the size and angle to fit it perfectly
  5. If you’d like, edit the photo to match the background of the polaroid frame
  6. You can also use the frame’s white area to write something.
  7. Export your file as jpeg ou png.

Ready to give it a try? 😇

Png Polaroid frame mockups

polaroid frame png with background
polaroid frame png with background
polaroid frame png with background
polaroid frame png with background
polaroid frame png with background

Hope you like it! Since you’re here, take a look at this post with 5 precious tips for the perfect selfie 💖



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