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What is Barbiecore aesthetic and how to get the look


Been wanting to write this for a looong time, guys! 🩷

I’ve always been a HUGE Barbie fan, pink has always been my favorite color (except for like 4 months during my grunge phase in the 90s – don’t ask!) and barbiecore is an aesthetic I truly love. Now with the whole hype with the movie and all, the most famous doll in the world is cooler than ever, and so is the aesthetic trend inspired by her.

So let’s get to it. Barbiecore is an aesthetic that draws inspiration, of course, from the iconic Barbie doll and her vibrant, glamorous world. It’s characterized by, first and foremost the color pink (duh), bright, pastel colors, playful and exaggerated elements, sunny, happy days by the beach and a nostalgic nod to the 80s and 90s.

This aesthetic celebrates femininity, empowerment, and a carefree attitude, often incorporating elements like glitter and a sense of whimsy. Barbiecore has a lot of the traditional “femininity” in its essence, and it’s fully unapologetic about it.

Now, one important detail to differentiate barbiecore to regular pink aesthetics or girly aesthetics out there, is that Barbie is known for being flawless. That translates in the style as an impeccable outfit, hair always done, makeup on point (and there’s always makeup!) and everything else is just like that. You can always put your own spin to it and try to barbiefy a casual, more trashy look, but the legit barbiecore always has the “I put on real effort here” factor.

But how did it start? Barbiecore aesthetic: Origin (and popularity!)

Barbie is an entity. We wont go through the history of the doll in this post, since our focus is the aesthetic itself. But it’s worth noting that the power of barbiecore is directly connected to the immense success of Barbie as a whole.

That been said, barbiecore – the aesthetic – has been around for a while too. Since social media has become an important way of communicating around the 2010s, barbicore has been a thing. It didn’t hurt that pink has become the absolute favorite color of the decade 2010-2020, and female empowerment movements have called women and girls around the world to reclaim their fun, feminine side, if so they wished. Many of us did!

From 2020 on, barbiecore has gained even more popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where users started embracing the nostalgic and vibrant aspects of Barbie’s world.

And then, BAM! The Barbie movie comes out. And the rest is history.

Wanna try it? How to Incorporate Barbiecore aesthetic in your life

🩷 Color Palette: Use pastel and bright colors, mainly bubblegum pink (also known as Barbie pink, wink wink!) and bright baby blue. Also try lavender, mint green and soft yellows in your clothing, accessories, and decor. For your social media, marketing graphics and everything else in your digital life, check out our barbiecore assets at the shop!

🩷 Fashion: Again, pink. But you know that already! Embrace the most traditionally feminine pieces mixed with fun, playful ones and 80s and 90s-inspired fashion trends such as oversized jackets, high-waisted jeans, platform shoes, and lots of glitter.

🩷 Accessories: Opt for quirky, retro accessories like heart-shaped sunglasses, statement jewellery, and hair accessories. And remember, Barbie lives by the beach, it’s like 50% of her personality. So add some of that too!

🩷 Decor: Incorporate pastel colors, kitschy retro decor items, and playful patterns into your living space to create a Barbie-inspired ambiance. The more “feminine” in the traditional sense, the more Barbie. We have an amazing set of images for wall collages inpired by barbiecore aesthetic, check it out!

🩷 Makeup: Experiment with vibrant and pastel makeup looks, including colorful eyeshadows, bold lips, and plenty of glitter.

🩷 Self-Expression: Barbiecore encourages self-expression and celebrating your uniqueness. Embrace your individuality and let your personality shine through in your style choices. That means, you can use the barbiecore aesthetic as inspiration to add a touch of the style be a part of your aesthetic, while keeping your individuality intact. Create your own version of barbiecore. She’ll be super proud!

Remember, the essence of Barbiecore lies in having fun, being confident, and embracing your inner playfulness. It’s about creating a joyful and vibrant environment that reflects your personality 🌸💖💫



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