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Super easy aesthetic flower photo trends you should try right now

Hey chicas! How’s it going? 🌹

Today’s post is my official declaration to the world that I am READY FOR SPRING!

I love the winter and have been having a wonderful time playing in the snow but it’s mid february and I’m starting to crave for sunshine and outdoor time. And I miss flowers too! 🌻🌸💐🌺

I’ve prepared this post with a beautiful gallery full of aesthetic flower photo inspiration. I’ve posted spring photo ideas here on the blog before, but in this case I focused very specifically in flower flotography trends that have been popular lately among lifestyle blogger and creators, so basically, what’s “cool”right now! haha

So scroll down to get some inspo for you future content, and feel free to use the images below if you want. They’re all from free image banks, curated and edited by me 😛🌸

Aesthetic photos with flowers

Hope you like these! And remember: flower make everything prettier and nicer, and better. Add flowers to your posts. Add flowers to your home. ADD FLOWERS TO YOUR LIFE! You won’t regret it 🌸🌼🌻🌺🥀🌷



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