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DIY Aesthetic bedroom decor: beautiful ideas to decorate your bedroom walls


If you LOVE interior design like me, DIY aesthetic bedroom decor ideas that are cute and easy to make and are always on your mind. I absolutely love decorating and redecorating all the rooms in my house, but especially the bedroom 💗

On this post, I’ll share some of my current favourite wall decoration ideas for bedrooms. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of wall collages, but that’s only one of the suggestions I’ve compiled on this post, so keep reading cause I’m sure you’ll love these as much as I did… 🙂

DIY Aesthetic bedroom decor: beautiful ideas to decorate your bedroom wall

1. A gallery of framed images

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This is probably the most traditional form of wall art. But it’s also totally atemporal, which means it does not go out of style.

What many forget is that you can actually create your own framed art gallery without spending that much money on it, only by getting creative and doing some leg work.

Cute frames can be found even in dollar stores, and of course, super affordable shops like Shein are full of them. But my suggestion – to be both environmentally responsible AND cool af – is to go to a nice second had/antique store and do a good digging for some treasures. This is 100% the coolest way to do it 💜

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You can create a Pinterest board first with some ideas, then sketch on a paper what your ideal wall gallery would look like, and afterwards hit the shops. Or – of you like to live dangerously hahah – shop for the cutest frames first, then add the images and create your gallery.

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Of course, the option of having just one beautiful special image decorating the whole wall is also great, if it works for your purpose.

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2. Wall collages

Even easier than a framed gallery, is to just hang/tape the images directly to the wall! The famous wall collages have been the coolest and cutest aesthetic interior design trend for girls bedrooms and dorms in the last couple of years and it’s easy to understand why, isn’t it? 💖✨

Wall collages are SO easy to create, change and customize, and they’re perfect for bringing a bit of the aesthetic you love online to your offline life. Also known as real life haha!

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Again, I’m super biased to talk about wall collages because I make and sell them, but I know none of you will get angry at me cause I know how much you love them too!! So hey, why not check out our cute wall collage sets and images on the shop and buy your fave? 🥰🌸

3. World map highlighting where you’ve been and where you’re going next

This will be my FIRST diy project immediately when I move to my new home next Fall.

I’ve always wanted to have a beautiful world map decorating a wall in my house and put pins on where I’ve been and want to go. It’s just the coolest thing, in my opinion!

There are different types of materials, sizes and styles to use to recreate this. The easiest one is probably just getting a big map and hanging it somewhere nice.

A cork map would be ideal for the pin idea. You can buy them online or make your own cork map by using a printed map, outlining the continents and countries and then cutting the board.

4. Hanging clipboards with art you’re currently loving

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Can’t stand having the same hanging images around for too long? Try the clipboard idea, and you’ll be able to switch them as often as you want!

This is so cool, you can hang magazine pages, small books, drawings and other types of artwork made by you or someone else, pieces of fabric, and even flowers or leaves. And, of course, you can print out some of our stunning aesthetic images to make your room look like a real life Pinterest board ♥

No clipboards available? You can also want to hang a chord or rope from side to side and use clippers to hold the images! Something like this:

5. Creative wall painting

This is the ultimate DIY wall art project, let’s be honest. Actually going out and buying some paint and creating art on your wall is super baddass, definitely something worth trying at least once in life!

A less “courageous” alternative to this idea are wall stickers. They can have a similar visual effect, but are definitely easier to achieve, and to undo in case you don’t love it that much!

Get the Angel image here

6. Taped flowers

I left this one for last simply because it’s a super exciting idea. I would say unpredictable, but I know it’s been around for a couple years now, many influencers have been posting their beautiful interior designed homes and rocking this style brilliantly!

Is it still absolutely lovely, though? Yes, it is! 🥰

I love everything @astoldbymichelle creates, but her flower wall is THE thing the made me fall in love with her interior design skills and start following her. So all credits to Michelle!

More ideas:


Well loves, I hope this post was inspiring, and you collect some insights for your next decor adventure 🍉🧡

Be creative, be true to your personal style and favourite aesthetic and don’t forget to check our aesthetic image gallery to up you wall decor game!



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