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Aesthetic edit tutorial: 3 easy aesthetic edits for couple photos on Valentine’s Day (using free apps!)


Hey all! Valentine’s day is coming, and I’ve been planning and preparing some special content for you here on the blog and on the shop. Let’s celebrate the season of love together, right? 💘

So on this post I’ll share with you 3 ideas of edits using free apps to apply on pics with your bae. These are simple, easy edits that take only a few taps.

No complicated graphic design skill techniques will be required here, at least not this time 😂

Here they are. Have fun!

Valentine’s day edit 1: Cloud stickers | App:PicsArt

This is how I did it ☝🏽

Step by step:

  • Open photo on PicsArt
  • Tap stickers and search for “cloud”
  • Locate the cloud showed in the video and select it
  • Position it as you please above your image
  • Tap blend and select lighten
  • If necessary, use the eraser
  • Tap apply after your done adjusting the clouds.
  • Tap effects and select dodger, and hit apply
  • Tap effects again, select noise, and apply

Valentine’s day edit 2: Vaporwave | App: Meitu

This is how I did it ☝🏽

Step by step:

  • Open photo on Meitu
  • Tap mosaic
  • Select a pattern
  • Use your fingers to cover the photo’s background area
  • You can zoom in and use different brush sizes for more precision
  • I increased the speed on the video, it took me around 4 minutes to cover the background on the pic above
  • Tap the check sign when you’re done.
  • Tap filters and select V20
  • Tap save.

Valentine’s day edit 3: Euphoria | App: Picsart

This is how I did it ☝🏽

🔮 Step by step:

  • Open photo on PicsArt
  • Tap effects and select VNYL3
  • Tap VNYL3 one more time to open the editing tools
  • Increase horizontal to 100
  • Tap apply.
  • Tap tools, then adjust
  • On hue, decrease the amount to -80 (or however you prefer)
  • Tap apply.
  • Tap the download icon at the top of the screen.

That’s all for today guys 💖 I hope you like the edits and give them a try.

See you soon!



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