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Art crush: The stunning dreamlike images created by serbian artist Indig0 ✨

Disclaimer: On the Art Crush series I share a few of my fav artists and their work. This content is developed to spread the word about great artists and no commercial agreement has taken place around them.

Oh boy, are these amazing. 💖

There’s a good chance you’ve run into Indig0’s brilliant art on Instagram at some point. She’s been regrammed by lots of big accounts and it’s pretty much impossible to just scroll by her art and not stop in awe. They’re so beautiful!


I base my selection for the “art crush” series on how the pieces make me feel, it’s obviously not a rational thing. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to write these posts and explain why the hell I think these are the coolest thing I have ever seeeeen hahaha! But I try to explain somehow, it’s actually a good exercise for me, being an artist myself, and as an ar lover, of course.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is: these make me feel good. And relaxed, in peace, creative, curious. They even calm my anxiety somehow.

This beautiful dreamlike glittery aesthetic is trending right now, but Indig0’s art is definitely among my favorites in this style. I cannot imagine a better gift for a loved one who appreciates art than one of her amazing prints! Make sure to check them out on her online store.

You can also get phone cases, totebags and other products with her artwork on them. Really, check out her stores, you’ll love everything!

I’d love to know more about the artist, but there’s not much info available online. I know she’s an artist from Serbia, but that’s as far as her profile goes…

More of her work:

Follow her awesome Instagram to have the delight of seeing more and more of this talented artist’s work on your feed!

😭🥰😭 Can i take a five minute break to cry now? Beautiful art makes me wanna cry.

See you soon guys! Follow Indig0, buy her stuff 🙂



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