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Why you should be using negative spaces to improve your Instagram pics


Hi chicas! Let’s talk about Insta feeds?! 🥰💕❤

We all dream about having the perfect feed. But there is not a standard that everyone thinks is ideal. It depends on the person’s style, the type of photos, the filters they like, the shades that have more to do with their lifestyle, among a thousand other factors. But some tricks help to highlight  the main focus of the photo, and that goes for pretty much all of them. And that’s what we’ll talk about today!

The goal is to have negative spaces strategically placed in the photos. This “emptiness” around the main object makes the focal point of the photo pop up, and get all the attention it deserves!

It’s common for many people just not to pay much attention to the details and composition, so it’s harder to understand the importance of negative spaces. And it’s totally ok, of course. But over time, you can start developing a better eye for these things, so you can increasingly improve your ability to take advantage of this useful trick. Look at these examples:

But hey, the negative space area doesn’t have to be all white or black, not even all plain. The secret is to have a pattern that looks well-organized so it doesn’t distract or attract attention. It’s hard to explain, but with a watchful eye you begin to get it!

I’ll soon write a post about aligning and organizing photos to improve your Insta feed (update: here it is haha!), but for now, the tip is: negative spaces go super well with photos with the main element well centered or with a harmonic alignment.

Not that every photo has to be super symmetrical and ordered, of course. That would be sooo boring! But the human body responds positively to ordered aesthetics and harmony. That means, it looks good, so it will increase your chances of catching the attention and looking nice to your followers/viewers 😌💜

pretty instagram feed

See how a Hailey and a Jade work with order and negative spaces in almost every photo? And how the two of them have totally different styles!?

A well crafted feed with strategic negative spaces has great chances of looking incredible! Trust me! 😉💕✨



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