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Magnetic Balance Lamp is a series of lamps with a “balance” function that reinvents how lamps are switched on.

Framed by what is inspired by the Chinese window, it combines the old and new, by introducing a never-seen-before switch.

Switching on and off in mid-air, the it represents a new epoch in lighting and bringing a gentle warmth to any space it lights up.




  • The combination of classical and modern design is not only a lamp, but also anattitude for life.
  • Unique "balance" magnetic suction switch: Put the following wooden ball in the middle, when it is balanced, but also when the light is lit.
  • 48 LED light beads, 50,000 hours of companionship, warm light for your eyes, environmental protection materials, it will bring you a quiet and warm home.
  • Convenient USB power supply port, magnetic wear-resistant string, no strobe led



  • The two balls in the wooden frames function as the lamp switches. To switch on the lamp, the user pulls the resting lower ball upwards.

  • The two balls will be drawn together magnetically and suspend in the air for a little while. When they reach a state of balance, the circuit connects and the lamp turns on. To switch off the lamp, one simple pulls the lower ball back down.



  • Weight: 0.526 kg
  • Size: 400 x 30 mm