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Art crush: The limitless talent of amazing artist Ameya Ajay ☾

Disclaimer: On the Art Crush series I share a few of my fav artists and their work. This content is developed to spread the word about great artists and no commercial agreement has taken place around them.


It really has captured my heart, guys. Look how precious her illustration style is. I love the black/dark backgrounds, it’s so unique and special.

I found Ameya’s illustrations on Instagram, and fell in love with the simplicity of the lines and the color palettes. So full of emotion and beauty. I love that!

Can you imagine having such beautiful illustrations on a notebook cover, phone case, framed on your bedroom’s wall or even on a tattoo on your body? Yessss, right? Go to her shop right now bc you can!! 🌙🖤✨🔮

Can’t wait to order mine!

A few of my favorite pieces, from her Instagram account (follow, follow, follow!!):

Art by Ameya Ajay

Ameya is a creative artist based in Melbourne who has a true passion for the outer space, cats, music, nature… And she’s also multi-talented, working with many types of art and creative expressions ❤

And her name means “infinity”! 🥰🥰


Check her shop here and make sure you keep her in mind whenever you need to get someone special (like yourself!) a super special gift 🙂


👆🏽 Don’t forget to follow Ameya on Instagram and to support artists from everywhere around the world ☺💖



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